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Branding &
Marketing Campaigns

A glimpse into my world of brand concepts, impactful marketing campaigns, digital strategies, and engaging social media and influencer marketing endeavors. Explore my creative and strategic journey, where I've harnessed the power of innovation to help brands thrive in the digital age.

Brand Concept for "Irre The People"

I spearheaded the entire brand journey, from ideating the initial brand concept to crafting its creative direction. Taking it a step further, I planned the first photoshoot, where I not only curated the styles but also took charge of directing the entire session. My involvement ensured that the brand's essence and vision were meticulously woven into every aspect of the visuals, leading to a cohesive and impactful representation of their identity.

Marketing and content creation
for "Icer Brands"

As a Marketing and E-commerce intern at Icer Brands, specifically for Brooklyn Cloth and Ultra Game , I developed impactful omnichannel marketing campaigns. Within this role, I crafted SEO blogs to optimize our online presence. To engage our audience visually, I curated eye-catching Instagram posts, short form videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok, as well as engaging Pinterest content. These efforts collectively played a crucial role in amplifying Brooklyn Cloth's online visibility and creating a cohesive, immersive brand experience across a spectrum of digital platforms.

Content Creation
for "Retro Metro"

Beyond my proficiency in creating my brand's identity, I serve as a multifaceted content creator, crafting engaging videos on Instagram Reels and TikTok that narrate the story of my brand to developing compelling posts that resonate with my audience, and designing visually striking graphics that define the unique identity of my brand. View collections here.

Instagram @retro.metro.bkk

Content Creation
for my own social media

In this section you'll discover a vibrant showcase of my content creation journey for my own social media platforms. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for design, I curate a diverse range of engaging content that reflects my unique perspective and personality. Through a mix of captivating visuals, thought-provoking captions, and strategic use of various media formats, I aim to connect with my audience on a deeper level.

From sharing snippets of my daily life to delving into topics that resonate with my community, my social media presence is a canvas where I explore, express, and inspire.

Instagram: pamsrjr

Tiktok: pamsrjr